Sensual belly dancing

The flambouyant, exotic art of Turkish belly dancing has become popular all around the world. People are learning to dance professionally, as a healthy exercise, a fun hobby, or simply to dance for their partner or family and friends. The movements involved are typically sensual and quite flirty, and can also be very dynamic and energetic.

Many people become fascinated by the exotic belly dancing clothes, jewellery, and props, which are wonderfully ornate and colorful. You would choose your belly dance dress according to how seriously you take your dancing, whether it be just for fun, or if you wish to be more professional and authentic.

Turkish belly dancing clothing can be quite revealing, particularly in the West, reflecting the playful and sensual style of Turkish belly dance. However the clothing doesn’t have to be revealing, and many belly dancers do in fact cover up preferring a more modest approach. Belly dancing can vary from one country to another, and today can draw on different elements from around the world, allowing the dancer to mix and match clothing and props.

Fitted top or bra with beads, coins, and sequins. Hip belt, again with beads, coins, and sequins. Skirt or harem pants. Also may include headband, veil, scarves, finger cymbals … Turkish Belly dancing clothes have been difficult to buy in the past, but are now more easily accessible due to online sales. They can be quite inexpensive depending on your requirements. The wonderful world of Turkish belly dancing can be a profession, healthy exercise, or just a great fun hobby, why not give it a try!