Turkish Belly Dancing Costume Accessories

There is a wonderful variety of accessories to choose from which can be used to enhance the playful, flirty style of Turkish belly dancing. From simple pieces of jewelry to the spectacular flowing material of Isis wings, you can create your own look with the many beautiful belly dancing accessories around today.

Head decorations

Head decoration can range from a simple narrow headband with a fringe of beads or coins to a more spectacular candelabra headdress or “shamadan.”

Veil and scarves

Colorful veils and scarves, made popular by the American dancers, can look lovely when added to a costume. Made from very lightweight silk or chiffon material, a scarf is perfect for emphasising the flowing movements of the arms.

Hip scarves

Hip scarves and belts are a good addition to any costume, when decorated with coins they jingle as you move and give a dazzling visual effect. Adorned with fringes of beads, jewels, and/or coins they are worn low on the hips to exaggerate the movement of the hips.

Other decorations

Of all the items used for decorating the clothing and accessories coins (usually gold or silver) are the most traditional, dating back to when they were given as a reward for the performance of street dancers.

Jewelry is crucial

Beautiful and exotic Turkish belly dancing outfits can also be adorned with highly decorative jewelry. Colorful and elaborate looking necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, slave bracelets for the hand, & foot jewelry such as anklets, are just some of the many to choose from.

The beautiful and ornate costumes and accessories are what attract many people to the exotic and sensual world of Turkish belly dancing.