What is pole dancing all about

Sensual Fitness Classes

Learn to pole dance for fun or like a professional! Tone your body, lose centimetres and build confidence with our guides.
Pole dancing is one of the best ways to work towards a healthier, leaner, more toned and sexy body in as little as 3 months. Combined with our pole dancing classes, we offer our very popular sensual fitness classes, to give you an all-round body workout.

Natasha Williams, founder of BodyMind Studios, has taught hundreds of women how to be more confident in their bodies, improve core strength and posture and get fit at the same time. We have worked very hard to take the stigma out of pole dancing so that women from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits that pole dancing brings.

Pole dancing has now grown to such an extent that it has become a sport, prized for stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility and grace. You can so often look bbw camgirls and general online strippers doing this sensual ple dance too. No other single piece of fitness equipment can offer the same results.
Please note: All our teachers are thoroughly trained and properly qualified to ensure that classes are organised, fun and injury free. We are aware that there are many pole dancing studios opening, with teachers that are not properly trained, nor know how to prevent or treat injury. If they do not say BodyMind Studios, then are are not part of us.

What are the benefits of pole dancing?

Increased muscle tone body sculpting. Tones in all the right places: hips, tummy, thighs, upper arms and shoulders and legs.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Builds stamina and strength
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased self-confidence and body awareness
  • Improved body posture and grace
  • Rhythm and co-ordination